Enjoy our great tasting coffee at home today!


Kitchen Management

Save time and money. Each time we visit we’ll fill your condiment containers and wipe down your counter tops, you’ll know we were there! We’ll rotate your beverages so you’ll always have cold refreshments for meetings and breaks. Fresh coffee pots will be exchanged with every service to maximize your coffee’s flavor. Let us manage and stock your kitchen so you can get on with your busy day.

Same Day Equipment Service

For calls received prior to 2 pm we guarantee same day equipment service. We understand how important it is for your machines to stay up and running. After 2:00 pm we will be expected the following day before noon. Support is available outside our standard business hours of Monday - Friday, 7 - 4 pm where a Tragically Vital representative can be reached and available to assist.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is key to maximum performance. Preventative maintenance shall be performed by Tragically Vital as per the frequency prescribed by the manufacturer of the beverage equipment or greater frequency as needed. An annual maintenance schedule will be provided.

Set Schedule

With a set schedule so you always know when to expect us. We do our best not to be in your office over the lunch hour as to be as little of a distraction as possible. Scheduled service provides us with consistency in your consumption trends allowing us to predict future orders with accuracy.

Equipment Support

There's always a Tragically Vital representative willing and able to assist. Our Tragically Vital Service Technicians are well trained to service our equipment and able to solve most of the issues that may arise. Detailed records for all service calls are recorded as part of our Maintenance Log.


Brewing Technology

We have a variety of bean-to-cup and single serve
machines for a limitless combination of customized
beverages. We also offer traditional drip brewers,
vending machines, water coolers and branded water.

Bean Kiss


Locally Roasted Coffee

The ability to provide a premium locally roasted coffee “boutique style” at an affordable price with the kind of service you can rely on has made us successful with our clients. We offer hassle free coffee and kitchen management services suited to busy environments with the understanding of importance of a quality refreshment program.



Service Quality Checks

Regular quality checks are performed to ensure service level standards are maintained and equipment is in good working order. Discussions around your current needs and product offerings.




Detailed Records

Supplies are sent based on consumption to prevent overstocking / under stocking. Weekly supply movement is recorded to track supply movement and consumption trends. Each kitchen is viewed as its own individual account as different users in each kitchen have varied preferences. Order history is recorded in four week increments so we can pinpoint consumption and monitor irregularities to share information with you.

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