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Flavia Single Serve

Flavia Creation 600

Enhanced LCD menu display

for a more intuitive brewing experience

Touch less

Free FLAVIA Tap N’ Brew app


17.1” (H) | 12.1” (W) | 20.1” (D)

No taste or allergin transfer

Brewing process ensures no cross-over

4 cup sizes

Completely customizable

Breaks are a treasured part of employee’s days. The FLAVIA  C600 offers the flavour and variety that packs more enjoyment into every break and more happiness into every workday.

  • Designed for large office of > 30
  • Dimensions - 17.1” (H) | 12.1” (W) | 20.1” (D)
  • 7" high resolution LCD touchscreen with interactive content
  • Customizable brew sizes and strengths
  • Brews a delicious range of drinks, each in less than a minute
  • Removable drip tray
  • Touch less with the free FLAVIA  Tap N’ Brew app
  • Optional Kastus antimicrobial surface protection for screen and door for hygiene at every step
  • Patented in-cup frothing with milk and non-dairy alternatives
  • Designed for no taste, allergen or contaminant transfer between drinks
  • Manual pour or direct line plumbing - 219 oz reservoir capacity
  • Weight - 27.8 lbs

Selection of - Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate | Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas | “Over Ice” Brew Option

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